Registration Fees
2016 ASTRA Marketplace & Academy
2016 ASTRA Marketplace & Academy

Registration Fees

Two Registration Options:

Retailers and Sales Representatives have two registration options that allow you to customize your attendance and make the most out of your Marketplace & Academy experience:

 1. Full Conference

  • Access to top-notch ASTRA Academy breakout sessions
  • Keynote sessions
  • Opening Connection Reception
  • Breakfast and lunch
  • Hands-on product demonstrations at Game Night and Kit Session
  • Networking events
  • Trade show floor
Full Conference Registration Rates
  1st Person 2nd Person 3rd Person 4th Person

Early Bird

(Expires 2/29/2016)

$149 $149 $149 FREE

Regular Rate

$169 $149 $149 FREE


(May 10-20, 2016)

$169 $99 $99 FREE

2. Trade Show Floor Only

  • Free access to the Marketplace floor on Monday and Tuesday
  • Complimentary lunch each day
  • BONUS: Retailers can attend Game Night on Monday evening for a sneak peek into the Full Conference experience.
Trade Show Floor Only Registration

Add to Your Registration

Add these optional items to your registration.

ASTRA Membership

(for new, first-time members only)

$159 - Retailers (Normally $229)

$75 - Individual Sales Representatives

Opening Reception

(Trade Show Only Attendees)

$50 - 21 and Over

$25 - Under 21

Guests: Guests of attendees who only want to attend the Opening Reception will be charged $50 for adults and $25 for children. All other events require full registration. 

Children: For our policy on child attendance and any other policy questions, please see our policies page.

Full-Ride Scholarship

We know that some of our members are facing tough financial times. In an effort to support those retailer members facing hardships, ASTRA is offering a limited number of scholarships to attend Marketplace & Academy. The Full Ride Scholarship award will inlude one (1) full conference registration, a 4-night hotel stay and an airfare voucher.

If you've been an ASTRA Retailer member for at least one year, you qualify to apply. Click here to learn more and apply.

Non-Exhibiting Manufacturers, Affiliates, Distributors, and Industry Media

For those in the specialty toy industry that are interested in attending Marketplace & Academy, but are not a retailer or sales representative, you must register for the full conference under the Affiliate or Non-Exhibiting Manufacturer rates.  Non-Exhibiting Affiliates and Manufacturers/Distributors do not have the option to walk the trade show floor only

Non-Exhibiting Affiliates: Anyone involved in the specialty toy industry that does not make or sell a children's product.  Toy testing companies, marketing firms, and publishers fall in this category. 

Non-Exhibiting Manufacturers/Distributors: Any company that manufacturers a specialty product to be sold in a retail outlet who is not exhibiting at Marketplace & Academy falls in this category. 

Non-Exhibiting Manufacturer / Affiliate Member Rate Non-Member Rate
Non-Exhibiting Manufacturer $499 $899
Non-Exhibiting Affiliate $499 $899

Industry Media: Media interested in attending ASTRA's Marketplace & Academy must contact the ASTRA office at (312) 222-0984 or

For questions about registration, please contact the ASTRA office at (312) 222-0984 or email